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CH-Bern Competition Wankdorf City First ranked
The ‘WankdorfCity’ area is located north to the train station of Bern Wankdorf and has an excellent location within the city, due to its optimal access to public transport and the close distance to the motorway access Bern Wankdorf. For Bern rather untypical, the masterplan show a large-scale structure in a relatively small area. The sense of scale can be argued from the location in the city and the high quality of development.

Urbanity arises not only through good connections and a well balanced mix of living and working, but also by a multi-faceted urban planning concept. The design of the new district therefore also provides a small-scaled street network in addition to a central urban square and a clear orientation axis. As a result the design includes three buildings that follow the basic idea of the masterplan for simple building volumes, but also add a new urban quality.

In collaboration with: GWJARCHITEKTUR, Bern

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