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D-Berlin Competition Spandauer Ufer, 1st Prize
The urban planning competition for the development of the former Postareal in Berlin Spandau has been concluded. ASTOC Architects and Planners took first prize. The roughly 14,000 sqm lot on Klosterstraße is being developed by Merz Objektbau and Fay Projects. Planned uses are retail, offices and medical practices, apartments, restaurants, a fitness studio, and one or two hotels. Among other structures, an 80 m high-rise is being considered. Two additional towers of up to 60m and 40 m are also possible. The project could potentially create up to 68,000 sqm GFA.

In collaboration with: Kunst + Herbert, Hamburg, KRAFT.RAUM., Krefeld, TOHR Bauphysik, Bergisch Gladbach and Kai 18 Projekte, Dusseldorf