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GR-Patras test planning Rail and the City
Within an interdisciplinary team consisting of architects, urban planners and traffic planners, a long-term vision for the Greek city of Patras was developed. The concept focussed on the urban development of the whole city with a special focus on the traffic and infrastructure development towards new mobility solutions and improved public transport.

The main challenge was given by the planning and revitalization of a new railway track from Athens to Patras with an integration of additional mobility modes. Beside the design and redevelopment of a new central train station, the connection to the local ports and the link to the railway and other transport modes has been developed and improved. In particular, the design of a new mobility hub around the University („Gatestation“) and the interconnected urban development were at the focus.

The concept defines the present university site as a future focus for development of the city of Patras and triggers - by the construction of a railway station - new impulse effects for the surrounding built environment. Also the economic perspective of the city plays an important role which is mainly limited to tourism, trade and the university with more than 20,000 students. As a promising field of future development the university area should be strengthened and expanded in the long term perspective of the city and can be added up with additional uses, such as housing, shopping and entertainment.

In collaboration with MESS GbR, Kaiserslautern; BJP Bläser Jansen Partner, Dortmund and ARGUS Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung, Hamburg