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D-Hamburg High-Rise Apartment Building, Holzhafen
Nestling between two brick-clad office buildings, the new highrise apartment building appears as a crystalline, multisided edifice. Viewed from various angles such as from the slope and the surrounding buildings, it continuously establishes new visual relationships. The building rests on a black natural stone base and is divided into two wings on the upper floors due to its circulation zone. One wing is shaped like an irregular pentagon, and the other, like an irregular rectangle. The building has been designed so that several sides can be seen simultaneously from various positions with the result that light and shadow playfully alternate on different parts of the facade. This crystalline appearance is reinforced by a flat glazed facade with flush-mounted casement windows. The prismatic built volume provides 9,000 square meters of residential space to ccommodate 37 exclusive freehold apartments with panoramic views of the port and the city. All apartments come with generous open spaces such as deep, wind-protected balconies, loggias or roof terraces. The apartments, ranging in size from 120 to 360 square meters, offer magnificent views of the ship turning area in the Elbe River and the Köhlbrand Bridge in the background.

Access to the exclusive apartments is by means of one of two glazed elevators that run up and down the north side of the tower, making the ascent to the dwellings a memorable visual experience. The lower part of the tower houses three apartments on each floor, the upper part two. From the thirteenth floor onwards, two apartments are laid out as stacked floor types. Depending on the preferences of buyers, the interiors are individually designed by various interior architects. What all apartments have in common is, however, their high-quality building and interior standards, as well as their high ceilings. The delicately framed double windows are complemented by vent sashes. A three-storied underground garage is common to both the apartment tower and the neighboring office building. The
client for all three buildings was the Hamburg-based B&L Group.
With the panoramic slopes of the Elbe as backdrop, the building appears as an elegant, sculptural piece of architecture that is visible from afar.

In collaboration with Kees Christiaanse, Rotterdam;
Local representative: Kunst + Herbert, Hamburg

BDA Hamburg Architektur Preis 2012, Honoring;
Architekturpreis Zukunft Wohnen 2012, Shortlist,
Category "Living in the city"

B&L Group, Hamburg

Planning and Realisation
Competition 1994, First Prize
Planning 2007-2009
Realization 2009-2011

GFA: 9.000 sqm

Richard Büsching, Rüdiger Hundsdörfer, Ulrich Hundsdörfer, Christian Dieckmann, Mirja Früchtenicht, Johannes Groote, Christian Herbert, Oliver Lambrecht, Cathérine Minnameyer, Uschi Stengel

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