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D-Cologne Casino at a Research Center
A spacious campus, sealed off from its neighborhood, houses the individual buildings of seven institutes which appear to stand scattered on the site, held together only by their common institutional infrastructure. As such, the design of this social focus assumes great importance. The fading building dating from the seventies had to be urgently extended and renovated, to offer high-quality and healthy nutrition concepts. ASTOC’s design respectfully treats the exposed concrete facades of the old building from the seventies, but at the same time, is unmistakably contemporary in its architectural expression for the extension building. The heavy facade of the existing building was energetically optimized while preserving its original appearance. Its pigmented exposed concrete slabs were reproduced for the extension building while the existing facade will later be insulated. The concrete surfaces clearly show the craftsmanship-like traces of the wooden formwork.

The single-story extension houses the dining hall and the new canteen kitchen, freeing space for a large event hall on the upper floor of the old building. Not only is the new casino capable of preparing and serving around 700 meals daily, it can also boast of a roof terraceand a green roof.

The conversion of the casino is a good example for the contemporary extension of a building from another era, exemplifying a respectful treatment of building history within a confidently inspiring and modern design.

Research Center, Cologne

Planning and Realisation
Planning 2008-2009
Realization 2009-2011

GFA: 6.500 sqm

Ruth Bünker, Frank Grätz, Till Hoinkes, Ulrich Hundsdörfer, Thorsten Salmen, Michael Rosemann, Magdalena Schaller, Bernhard Schumann

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