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D-Essen Coking plant Zollverein
By virtue of its outstanding industrial and cultural significance, the entire premises of the Zollverein (coal mining facility) was classified as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002. With the nomination of Essen as European Cultural Capital for the year 2010, the ensemble composed of the premises of the coal pit and coking plant receives an additional impulse. The transformation of the mining zone from industrial park to design district is now in progress. The area of the coking plant – whose approximately 43 hectares surface area makes it the larger portion under development – has yet to be addressed.

The objective of the development concept for the coking plant is to provide an incisive and explicit basis for setting the multifaceted individual aspects of the site into a coherent total context. In the coming months, the task will be to integrate questions about the past with those concerning the site’s potential for future development. The basis for this undertaking is a detailed mapping of the existing buildings and objects and an analysis of the outstanding and recently realized plans for the premises of the coking plant. The first phase is a conceptual framework for developing solutions, one that takes up the location’s character and disposition while enriching it with a number of independent components. The interplay between a striking World Cultural Heritage Site and a multifaceted and lively utilization plan and spatial structure heralds the emergence of an attractive and characteristic locale.

Zollverein foundation
(formerly Entwicklungsgesellschaft Zollverein mbH, EGZ Essen)

Planning and Realisation
urban development plan, design concept, planning 2007-2012,
Since 2010, participation in the advisory board for the entire area of Zollverein

21 hectares

Judith Freund, Lena Hocke, Ulrich Hundsdörfer, Claudia Strahl

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