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D-Mannheim Inner-City Development Concept
To mark Mannheim’s 400 year jubilee, the city presents itself in all its vitality and diversity through numerous projects. At the same time, the jubilee year raises questions of urban identity, of the city overall public face and its self-image. Readily apparent is Mannheim’s desire for orientation, for sustainable future prospects.

This concept for inner-city development (entitled “Entwicklungs- konzept Innenstadt – Mannheim” or EKI) is a multi-phased process through which ideas and projects for the inner-city (consisting of the “Quadrats” and Jungbusch districts) will be generated in concert with interested Mannheim citizens and civic initiatives and associations. At a series of six roundtable discussions, current themes will be discussed and perspectives for action generated.


City of Mannheim, Fachbereich Städtebau

Planning and Realisation
Competition 2006, First Prize
Development concept, Management of participatory process
Planning 2006-2007

Mannheim Inner-city, 4,46 square kilometers

Martin Berchtold, Markus Lang

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