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D-Cologne Housing Grüner Weg
It has been years since this former factory for distillation equipment, located on Grüner Weg in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, has served its original purpose; the premises have remained disused ever since operations were suspended. After the firm closed, the former production buildings were demolished and the site leveled. Today, the surface harbors substantial development potential, not only for the urban district of Ehrenfeld, but for the city of Cologne as a whole. Planned here – in surroundings that are still in part highly industrial in character – is a heavily residential mixed-use quarter that will be prototypical for the area's ongoing structural transformation.

Envisioned for the property on Grüner Weg in Cologne-Ehrenfeld
- acquired by GAG Immobilien AG/Grubo Baubetreuung GmbH in Cologne in late 2007 - is an urban quarter that will provide new residential units while accommodating small commercial enterprises and offices. After the site was acquired by GAG/Grubo, ASTOC was commissioned with extending studies (executed prior to the site’s acquisition) which investigated the economic potential of the property and its surroundings, and with working up an urban planning concept for the project development that would serve as a basis for the development.

Given is the heterogeneous character of the surroundings, containing buildings of various grades, a “punctual building concept” was envisioned for the planning zone, one best adapted to the quarter and offering optimal conditions for natural lighting and with regard to the diverse functions anticipated for this mixed-use area. These “points” have dimensions of ca. 20 m by 16 m or 16 m by 16 m, are rotated axially in relation to Grüner Weg, and vary in height between five and eight stories. As a rule, the upper stories of this punctual development are staggered. Several points are joined together above the pedestals, or above the third story. The pedestal levels are designed to accommodate garage facilities on the ground floors along with offices and commercial units. The upper stories are designed flexibly, and can be occupied by office or commercial units, or can contain either lofts or normal apartment units.

polis Award 2017
Category: Soziale Quartiersentwicklung, Recognition;
Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekturpreis 2017, Nomination

GAG Immobilien AG, Cologne

Planning and Realisation
Urban Design, framework plan 2008,
Development Plan 2009-2012,
Realization 2012-2016

GFA: approximately 37.000 sqm

Lisa Effing, Julia Hausmann, Christian Herda, Maria Maennling, Cathérine Minnameyer, Miriam Pfeiffer, Jörg Schatzmann, Ursula Stengel, Julia Tonn, Zhen Xu

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